Butterfly Lily Photography, LLC

                   Capturing Memories to Last a Lifetime!

I love photography and would love to share that with you! From family sessions to your child's senior pictures, I want to capture those special moments. During every aspect of the session, we will work together to create the perfect images! Capturing the special memories, happy moments, big smiles, fun times & giggles, the warm & cozy moments, surprises......all kinds of memories! Memories to last a lifetime!!

I also offer headshot photography. If you need a new professional headshot taken, I'm your gal!​

  Capturing memories to last a lifetime! Timeless memories, special moments, and lots of smiles! I will always stand by this and give each photo quality care. Because I know how much a photo can mean to someone..........

A little background of me and my business.....

I have always loved photography, just taking photos to have keepsake memories or to capture the beautiful nature around me. I took pride in the photos I took. I have always said "Only the special pictures are taken with my camera."

In 2019, I started taking my photography a little more serious. I bought a new camera because I knew I wanted to do a little bit more than what I was doing just as a hobby. I invested in a new camera and time to decide what exactly I wanted out of this. I wanted to expand my skills and help others capture their special moments. I want you to look at your photos and cherish them for a long time, because they are special memories. I also want to put big smiles on your faces by capturing those fun & silly moments. Moments that you will treasure for a lifetime!

The meaning behind my business name is something I want to share as well. I chose it because it has special meaning. Both of my parents and little brother are in heaven. I chose butterfly because it is a metaphor that represents transformation, change, hope and life. My parents and brother have given me hope to continue my life journey, change to experience the importance of life, and transformation to make my life to be what & how it is meant to be. I chose lily simply because it is my favorite flower. My motto is "Capturing memories that last a lifetime!". Our life is special and I want to give you the photos that will make you smile time and time again!

Capturing moments today....creating memories to last a lifetime!

I would like nothing more than to be your photographer! By creating timeless photos, they will be something to bring a smile to your face time and time again. Let's get started!

Weddings photos coming soon!!

Butterfly Lily Photography, LLC

Springfield, Missouri

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Business Phone: (417) 496-2717​